Can smoking pot cause one eye to droop?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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probably, smoking pot screws up everything about you

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Q: Can smoking pot cause one eye to droop?
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What is a forget me not?

The Forget-Me-Not is a "shy" plant as touching it makes it droop. Placing a lighter under one of its leaves will cause it to droop then lets a little moisture into the air.

What causes one eyelid to droop like Diane Sawyers' left eye?

The main symptom of myasthenia gfravis is one droopy eyelid

What is the number one cause of lung cancer?

Smoking. smoking, and breathing in smoke.

What cause a bad lung?

one thing is smoking

What cause one eye to water?

dose macular degeneration cause eye to water

What could cause lung cancer?

Smoking is one cause of lung cancer.

Is smoking weed bad for you if your one month pregnant?

It can cause harm to the fetus. I had a miscarriage from smoking.

Deaths related to smoking?

The number one cause of deaths in America is smoking. it is VERY bad for you and your health.

What is one one name of a heart disease and what does it cause?

haert falier smoking

Is smoking a one way pass to death?

Yes. Smoking over time will cause your lungs to go black and then will cause cancer. And it can cause more than lung cancer. Smoking puts hundreds of toxins into your body and blood stream.

What can cause blindness in one eye?

Despite the previous version of the answer, there is no credible evidence at all for radiation from television, cellphones or computers causing either temporary or permanent blindness. Looking at the sun can overwhelm the retinal cells and cause temporary blindness, but may also very easily cause permanent damage. There are a number of causes of temporary blindness, but most temporary blindness results from sudden temporary changes in blood pressure, such as aortic dissection, basilar artery or retinal migraine, cardiac or carotid emboli, choroidal or retinal vascular spasm, hyperviscosity, severe occlusive carotid disease. Stress responses (temporary blindness is sometimes seen in soldiers in conflict) or mild strokes may also have the same effect. Other causes of temporary blindness may result from chemical or biochemical poisons such as Pepper Spray, or plants such as daphne or spurge.