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They actually come once a month

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Q: Why doe a woman period come twice a month?
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Why has your period come early for only two days?

Often times a woman's period is irregular in time and duration. While this is not unusual, if you are concerned about it you may want to make an appointment to see an gynecologist.

Where does period blood come from?

It is simply a lining of the uterus which gets larger throught the menstural cycle which the egg would sit in if you were pregnant. If you are not pregnant that month, the blood is released.

When a girl is on her period does some of her eggs come out and they can be seen?

No, when a woman is on her period eggs do not come out. Ovulation occurs two weeks before menstruation, typically only one egg is released, if the egg is not fertilized it is reabsorbed into the body within the fallopian tubes. Menstrual flow does not contain any eggs.

Why does your period come on twice a month?

This could be happening because of your hormonal levels, especially your estrogen level. Before I went on a birth control pill, I had this problem also. My doctor said it is due to estrogen levels being too low. Having a low estrogen level can cause you to start your period too early. Therefore, she gave me a pill with more estrogen in it and I have not had this issue since. If you are not currently on a birth control pill, you could have your doctor run a hormone level test and go from there.

When does menstruation happens?

Menstruation starts at a different time for everybody. A girl can start menstruating between the ages of nine and sixteen - although it is rare to start as early as nine. Once a girl has started her period, it will come once a month for around three to seven days. At first they can be quite irregular but tend to fall into a pattern as time goes on. There are several factors which can affect the regularity of periods such as pregnancy, extreme weight loss and certain types of birth control. A woman generally has her period for around forty years, but that varies from person to person.

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Can your period come on twice in one month with you tubes tied?

i am fix but can it still happen

Could your periods be coming twice a month because of stress?

It's not that they are coming twice a month it's just that your period never went off because stress makes your periods irregular meaning that they are changing up and switching when they come on and go off.. So no periods cant come on twice a month.

How long does lunar eclipse come?

It happens every month, but that does not mean in the same place. Lunar eclipses happen twice a year in a 1-2 month period.

What does it mean when you come on your period twice in one month?

It means just that - you came on your period twice in one month - it's no more complicated than that. If this was your period, and not your period plus some other vaginal bleeding caused by something else, then it is normal to bleed twice in one month occasionally. The average menstrual cycle is 28 days and as most months have more than 28 days if your cycle is this long or shorter you will see yourself bleeding twice in some months.

Can a period come on twice?

It is perfectly normal for periods to come twice. Your body is changing. Make sure to mark your calender to track your period.

What food makes you get your period?

There are no foods that will help you get your period. It is usually genetics. Don't rush your period though, it will come soon enough then you will wish you didn't have it! Just enjoy your time as a free young woman without her period! You will have one a week once a month every month for years and years to come once you do get your period. Just don't rush it!

Does it mean your preganent when you come on your period twice?

if you were pregnant you wouldn't have a period

You were on BC and forgetting to take them cs of this you came on your period you thought you would come on again in the same month I'm trying for a baby how long should you wait for your cycle?

Hi, No you wont come on twice in the same month because you missed BC pills. You will only come on once unless you restart the pills and then stop 7 days later. Then you may come on your period twice in a month but in most cases you will only have one period a month. Its a good idea when trying to conceive to buy a ovulation predictor kit and keep track of your ovulation cycle this way so you know when your most fertile. Good luck.

What if your period switch up days every month how do you know if you are pregnant?

It's normal for the length of a woman's period to vary from month to month. Anthing between about 26 days to 35 days between the first day of one period and the first day of the next period is normal. It is not reasonable to expect your period to come on the same day every month. You know if you are pregnant if your period is a week late and your pregnancy test is positive.

Why period has come twice in a month?

Your period comes two weeks after you release an egg. If you happen to release an egg early, your next period will be early. It sometimes happens. That means you don't really know when your "safe, won't have a baby" time is.

What if your daughter started her period once and it hasn't returned?

Nothing to worry about . for the first 2 years or so , it will be inregular, it might come twice a month , or maybe might not come for 3 months. Don't worry !

How to not let my period come this month?

To not let your period come this month, you could combine two packets of your 21-day birth control pills, if you are prescribed them.