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The bloos from your period comes from your uterus within you, passes through the cervix at the opening, and goes through the vagina out of your body.

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Q: What hole does the blood form your period come out of?
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What hole does the blood from a period come out of?

The Vagina

What hole does your period blood come out of after childbirth?

Your period comes out if your uterus into the cervix

Does your pee and period come out of the same place?

No. your period comes out of the larger hole located near your vagina. pee comes out of a little hole just above the larger one.

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Tampons go into the vagina, the whole where the menstrual flow comes out of your body. Urine comes out of the urethra, a tampon cannot be inserted into the urethra.If you do not understand basic female anatomy you should not be using tampons at all.

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The ovaries release a few eggs once a month and if they are not fertilised in time it is washed out using the only thing that the body can use. Blood! I think what you are asking is why is all the blood brown instead of red? I don't think that this is considered abnormal but you should consult your physician in case you have some sort of blockage that is not allowing the blood to drain right away.

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