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Thats not true. You dont have to text him first, i feel the boy should text you first!

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Q: Why do you have to text your boyfriend first?
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Why do you always have to text your boyfriend first?

You dont have to text your boyfriend first.If you dont Im sure he will understand...;p.

Is it good for a girlfriend to text her boyfriend first?

I don't think so

How do you get your boyfriend to text you first?

What my girlfriend did was say that if you dont start texting me without me having to text you then we just won't talk until you start texting me first

What does boyfriend mean in text talk?

Boyfriend or Bestfriend.

Why is that your boyfriend can text Facebook but not you?

That is a personal choice that your boyfriend is making. Surely if he can text Facebook, he can text you too but he is choosing not too. Talk to him and ask him why.

How do you text your boyfriend?

(1) Get his cell phone number. (2) Text.

What must you do if your boyfriend ignores your calls?

text them if broken up text to say sorry

What should you text your new boyfriend?

yes you should.

You really want a boyfriend?

text amanda Me bitch.

What do I do when I miss my boyfriend and I can't text him?

write him a letter

What does bf mean in text?

boyfriend or best friend

What does it mean when your boyfriend don't text you but he use to text his ex when he was with her?

He truly does not love you so leave him.