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boyfriend or best friend

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Q: What does bf mean in text?
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What does it mean if you have a BF and they leave town and wont answer your calls or text?

umm they probally dont like you and not to be mean but mabye its time to move on???

Should you say sorry to your bf?

if by bf you mean boyfriend then yes!

What do you do when your bf is mean?


What does the acronym BF mean in BF Falcon?

There is no meaning for "BF" in BF Falcon. The BF Falcon is a model of car produced by the Ford Motor Company. The Ford BF Falcon is a full-size car released in October 2006.

How do you your bf?

i dont understand the question. do you mean how do you KISS your bf? how do you what? i cant answer if you dont specify...

What does BF mean?

well i think BF means boyfriend and BFF means best friend forever

What does 9CT BF mean?

9ct Gold

What if your bf say he well text you back tomorrow and try to end the conversation quick is he cheating?


What means bf?

In the legal sense, B.F. means bonum factum, means approved or correct form.and in text talk, it stands for best friend...

What are some flirty forward text messages?

your eyes shine like the night skyyy i luv you is what i used for my bf

What should you do to forget your bf?

Don't text him or talk to him and try like someone else... eventually you will stop thinking about him :)

What does kkl mean in text?

Kkl mean in text