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This is all about the culture in which you live. There are cultures that prefer overwieght people.

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Q: Why do some people like skinny people more than overweight people?
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Do overweight people get asthma more than skinny people do?

Not as such, but being overweight can lead to other breathing issues due to the extra weight on the chest and around the neck.

Does overweight people have asthma more than skinny people?

I don't think there's a tendency for overweight people to become asthmatic, BUT there is a tendency for some people with asthma to become overweight if they have difficulty breathing properly during exercise.

Do skinny boys like overweight girls?

No, some do not. Others, however, do. They realise that the person is more important.

Can skinny people perform exercises better than overweight people?

There a more than likely chance, but being more to being physical fit than being skinny, so there also a chance that fat people can perform exerices better than skinny people.

Is the population have more fat people than skinny?

The U.S. population has approximately 63% overweight people, about half of which are classified as obese.

Do overweight people have more muscle than skinny people do?

Depends on how much they move about. An overweight person who doesn't move about hasn't got much reason to develop any muscles. But an overweight who keeps active can have a fair amount of muscles in there.

Why do some people believe skinny people are healthy and overweight people are disgusting?

The majority of people may not feel that overweight people are disgusting. There is much evidence that people in a certain weight range (for their gender and height) are healthier. Studies have shown that being exceptionally overweight or underweight is detrimental to one's health. My Mom is overweight due to a thyroid condition. I am skinny. I have more health problems than my Mom does. My Mom only has a thyroid condition and she takes the thyroid pill to help her out. I have high blood pressure and I am a recovering anorexic. I would rather be overweight any day and be healthy. Most research has shown that it is healthier to have a little "meat on your bones", than to be skinny! Overweight people are not disgusting! I think that they are beautiful in every way just like you and me. People believe this because overweight and obese people tend to be more lazy and procrastinate. Of course, there are some overweight people who aren't disgusting and there are some skinny people who are unhealthy. This stereotype is just oversimplified. This varies with culture, social class, history and other factors. Back in earlier centuries woman were portrayed in classic paintings as having 'softer' looks like round faces and plump bodies. But this has obviously changed quite dramatically today, as even the slightest hint of 'fat' is discouraged. You see this in nearly every fashion ad or commercial. In remote areas like Tibet, body size is not an important consideration. Some countries might even find a "skinny" woman to be unhealthy and repulsive, as some in the United States find heavyset women. Any anthropology or sociology text would illustrate this, as would Western fashion trends in the 1900's-1950's.

Why are there more overweight people than overweight animals?

because people can get more to eat than animals

Why are there more overweight people than overweight animal?

because people can get more to eat than animals

Is white skinny jeans for men gay?

The color doesn't make them gay or not gay. And skinny jeans are not any more or less gay than any other pants. But skinny jeans are not for people who are not in shape or overweight. I do think white jeans look a little odd in cold, wet, dark, dreary climates, like Minnesota in Winter, tho.

How do you get a boy to like you when your overweight?

The honest truth is: weight matters more to some people than others. Some people simply will never "like you" if you are overweight; with others the sort of person you are matters more. There's no magic way to "get" someone to like you.

Are there more skinny or fat people in the US?

You would like to think skinny, but there a lot of obese (really unhealthly fat) people in the USA. In the world that is a completely different answer...