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Hmm, well in my opinion out of the whole world, I think skinny, but alot of people are big, but i see alot of skinny people.

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2011-10-05 02:30:07
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Q: Is there more fat people in the world than skinny?
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Are there more overweright people in the world than skinny people?


Can skinny people perform exercises better than overweight people?

There a more than likely chance, but being more to being physical fit than being skinny, so there also a chance that fat people can perform exerices better than skinny people.

Do skinny women gain more weight than fat women when they are pregnant?

Obviously notskinny people gain more weight than fat people when their pregnant

Is it true that skinny people run faster than fat people?

Yes it is true that skinny people run faster than fat people. We have proof.

Do skinny people have more cells than fat people?

No. If anything, the opposite. The size of the cells are the same, so a big person has to have more of them.

Are there more ants than people in the world?

the answer is yes there are more ants than people in the world

Why do some people like skinny people more than overweight people?

This is all about the culture in which you live. There are cultures that prefer overwieght people.

Are skinny people healthier than overweight people?


Do fat people wish they were skinny?

some probably do, but i don't see the point really. in slavic culture being skinny means you're weak, which is kind of bad. But being skinny is unhealthy, you have trouble gaining weight and muscle. While fat people have more muscle than skinny people and can gain it easier than mesomorphs. based on this, i would say no, because the only thing that skinny people can brag about are their six packs, which onyl shows because they're skinny.

Is the population have more fat people than skinny?

The U.S. population has approximately 63% overweight people, about half of which are classified as obese.

Do fat people run faster than skinny people?

Whether a person can run fast depends on more than just their weight. A person who is large, healthy and fit could probably run faster than a skinny person who is not healthy or physically fit.

What is the difference between a hybrid skinny pig and a skinny pig?

Very skinny! Pigs are the skinniest things in the world! Skinnier than pencils!

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