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You would like to think skinny, but there a lot of obese (really unhealthly fat) people in the USA. In the world that is a completely different answer...

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Q: Are there more skinny or fat people in the US?
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What do fat people do?

they eat. & watch tv. & annoy us skinny people

Do fat people live?

Yes, they actually live among us. 'Fat' is thought of by some to be derogatory. 'Obese' or 'overweight' are preferred.

What is the US model?

Extreme Scales. US models are extreamly skinny or extremly Fat! There is no middle ground for americans!

Are there a lot of fat people in the US?

Yes. Around 60% of America is fat. But the number drops more and more each day.

Do boys like girls who are big but healthy?

Yes, the skinny ones make us feel fat.

Does thin's people body demand less food than fat people?

Actually, the answer to that question is no. Fat people and skinny people alike require the same about of food, unless a certain illness or mental state allows the hormones that regulate how much we eat causes us to lose control.

Do people in the US look better than people in the UK?

answer: Well most Ameriz are fat. Too much junk food. Then the English, are skinny-average. The scottish average. Welsh average. Irish average. Simple. People in the UK, Are for one healthy. I am greek-Spanish speaking and I am not fat. xxLalianxx

Does a fat and skinny quaker parrot mate?

I don't see why not, they're not too similar to us in which we judge by body type

How many people in the US are starving themselves to be skinny?

1 in every 250 people.

Why do people tell fat girls to lose weight even if they exercise a lot more than their skinny friends but just can't?

because they are generally insensitive and they don't understand what being a "Fat kid" feels like and losing weight is the persons choice not the other way around and some people have a disorder where they just can't lose weight sometimes being "fat" is just in our genetics. but that stop us from being healthy so be healthy! :)

Why are people fat in the us?

Little activity and large portions of food over time had made the us fat.

How does the TV series Tabitha relate to life inthe US?

there are fat people in the show. there are fat people in the U.S.