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Like everyone else, they want to have children, either by adoption, or by artificial insemination in which male unknown to the mother is implanted in her to make her pregnant.

Just to make it clear: lesbians cannot have babies by lesbians. They can, however, acquire a baby as mentioned above and have babies with other lesbians.

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Q: Why do lesbians have babies by lesbians?
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Can lesbians have babies in northern Ireland?

I'm pretty sure lesbians can have babies wherever they happen to be living.

Do lesbians have babies?

Yes, lesbians can have baby's, however they would need a donor and only one person of the couple can be the biological mother (one sperm, one egg)

Can lesbians make babies?

Yes if they have sex with a male or have in-vitro insemination.

How do you make lesbians on Sims 3 have babies?

You can find a same sex mod that allows the same gender to have babies.

Can lesbians have babies by each other?

By artificial sperm injections, yes

Can Lesbians have biological babies?

Lesbians cannot have biological babies together, as it requires sperm from a male to fertilize an egg. However, lesbians can have children through various means, such as using assisted reproductive technologies like in-vitro fertilization or through adoption or co-parenting with a male partner.

How lesbians have babies?

Usually via a sperm door- either anonymous or known to the woman/couple. Some lesbians, like other people, choose to adopt. Some lesbians have children with male partners before they "come out" and a very few choose to have sex with men in order to get pregnant.

What is adult nursing relationship?

two lesbians hook up and one lesbian gets manparts for they can have babies are u a lez?

Are lesbians more attracted to straight women than other lesbians?

Actually, there's research that lesbians have a preference for other lesbians.

Are there more blacks lesbians than whites lesbians?

The amount of white and black lesbians are quite similar. In America there are more black lesbians however in England there are more white lesbians.

Do lesbians wear anything to show that they are lesbians?

No, they do not.

Which are sexier bisexuals or lesbians?

Hot lesbians.