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because it is sexy....& they want something to grab on every once in a while!

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Q: Why do girls like boys with cute buttocks?
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Do girls like cute boys?

P.s I’m an 8 year old boy that look’s like this 👱🏻‍♂️

Do all boys like cute girls?

well it depends if they do cause some boys like weird girls some like foolish ones but the answer to that is yes boys like cute funny cool that's **** good

Why does girls like in guys?

Girls have their own type in boys some want bad boys ,good boys , smart boys ugly boys , cute boys.

What kind girls boys like?

Girls like boys who are: Athletic Cute Funny Sweet Charming Loving All Wrapped in One Package!

Do cute girls only like cute boys?

cute girls dont only like cute boys they can lke aany boy they want. being cute helps attract peoples but there are more qualities in a guy that a girl looks for like... smartness and BEING FUNNY. but if you are trying to be funny, don't go overboard!

Why do boys only like skinny girls even if they're ugly or mean?

Boys only like skinny girls because they think that they are cute and pretty

What are cute names for girls and boys?

Jadyn and Jayson and Julia and for boys Nigel and Michael or what ever you like

Who is the lead singer of boys like girls?

MARTIN JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!! he is cute omg

What do girls like in 13 year old boys like me?

Teen girls like 13 year old boys who are cute, funny, social, and most importantly boys who are comfortable being themselves.

Are girls cute?

It really depends on who the girl is i like a girl, i think shes cute but thats in my opinion there is really no solid answer to that.

What do girls like boys to say to them?

That they are pretty, that they like what they are wearing, and if they want you to go out with them (only if they are cute).

What is the most think that girls love it in the boy?

They like either handsome or cute looking boys. They also like buff boys or kind boys.