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Boys only like skinny girls because they think that they are cute and pretty

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2011-03-12 08:27:14
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Q: Why do boys only like skinny girls even if they're ugly or mean?
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Why do boys hate fat girls but like skinny ones?

Boys like skinny girls more than fat girls because the fat girl may not be his type/pretty. Boys like to walk with girls and be proud that their girlfriend is skinny and beautiful. They thinks fat girls are ugly and will not be as active as skinny ones. Skinny girls can wear beautiful dresses and skirts. Fat ones cannot wear every clothes. So it is sure that skinny girls will be more pretty than fat ones. Sometimes fat girls aren't as pretty as skinny ones, but sometimes a skinny boy may like a fat girl if she makes him laugh and smile so much he falls for her. even fat girls can be beautiful! :) It's a boy's thing- girls wouldn't understand.

Who is the strongest boys or girls?

boys their even better than girls

Why do only skinny people get love?

Its not that only skinny people get love, but boys are just ignorant to the fact that even people that are on the heavier side are beautiful too. I believe that if there is a beautiful person, but she/he is on the heavier side, then there is more to love :) It is not just boys, girls can accused of the same type of bias.

Why is being skinny the only way to get a boyfriend or guys to even speak to you?

Because we like fit or skinny girls

Why do boys think bigger girls are disgusting?

not true,boys like girls even if they are older

Can girls be to skinny?

yes! most definitely, anybody can be to skinny..this means they are underweight. Can lead to illness and even death. It's very dangerous to be to skinny.

Are guys or girls fatter?

Girls, their BMIS are usually higher than mens, even if they look skinny.

Suppose there are 10 boys and 15 girls What is the ratio boys to girls?

10 to 15 or 2 to 3 even

How many more girls are there than boys?

its even

Who has more feelintgs girls or boys?

Boys has more feelings than girls!

Who eats more boys or girls?

well, if your talking about ages 6-9 then boys 10-13 is girls 14-17 is boys 18-23 is girls 24+ its even

Can boys start lifting weights before girls?

Yes. A lot of boys do weights before girls. Some girls don't even do weights. A lot of girls do weights before boys as well. Some boys don't do weights either.

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