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Marijuana (THC) causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. High blood pressure causes red eyes.

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Q: Why do eyes get red after smoking?
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How can you get rid of red eyes after smoking marijuana?

By not smoking it

Do your eyes always get red when smoking marijuana?

Yes. Especially in lighter pigmented eyes. This is referred to as "your eyes are cashed out" or "whoa, bro, you look totally Chinese!" Sometimes people will assume this is an allergy reaction, or that you're upset, but other stones recognize the spaced out attention span and blazed retinas as a sign of camaraderie.

What could someone be doing if you see their eyes are dilated and their eyes are red?

SmokinG some weeD

Does smoking spice make your eyes red?

yes because of thc cells

Can smoking after wearing patch cause red eyes?

Redness can be caused by smoking but infection is also a possibility, call your doctor to have this checked.

Why do your eyes go red when smoking weed?

Because THC has a drying effect draining moisture from everywhere like after smoking your mouth gets dry same with your eyes. It drys them out so veins are visible and there red so they give off a red glow

Can milk make your eyes white when your eyes are red from smoking?

no clean milk will sooth the eyes to some extent but it would be better to use an off-the-shelf eyedrop or eye moisturiser. the eyes are red as a result of the irritation from the smoke

Does smoking weed effect our eyes?

Smoking weed increases blood flow to the eyes, so your wonky phenomenon is quite normal depending on what it is exactly. Glassy looking and red eyes are common, but twitchy eyes can happen aswell. Usually the twitch is coupled with caffeine consumption on top of the greenery. Just make sure what your smoking is only weed since sometimes people lace a joint with other substances, including but not limited to cocaine. Wonky can get way out of hand real fast if other players are involved.

What kind of red eyes you get after smoking marijuana?

They should look very blood shot and puffy, or like you're squinting.

How does smoking marijuana affect your body?

The marijuana makes you high, and it makes you feel happy. It also makes your eyes red.

Why do a persons eyes become after smoking marijuana?

the THC in marijuana increases your heart rate, increasing the blood flow to your eyes thus making your eyes red and blood shot. it also gives your eye color more depth.