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to show emotion

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Q: Why do all the smiley faces on Facebook have mustaches?
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What are the smiley faces for facebook?

There are many different smiley faces on facebook. I don't even know them all, but they are used for various feelings and reasons. Most are used to express emotions such as happiness or anger. :) ... :D ... :P ... B) ... >:O ... >:( ... :( ... <:( ... :_( ... :3 ... 3:) ... <(") ...

Meaning of all smiley faces with faces?

The smiley faces with faces simply means the possible expressions that corresponds with our various moods.

Why are smiley faces yellow?

Smiley faces are yellow because the sun is yellow and the sun makes us happy. Although, smiley faces aren't always yellow they can be all the colors. But, generally, they are yellow.

How do you do all facebook faces all of them?


Why do all motorcycle cops have mustaches?

you can`t say they ALL have mustaches. only because all of the ones you seen have mustaches that doesnt mean that all the motorcycle cops have them. The guys on CHiPS didn't have mustaches. that is just stereotypical

Where can one download a cartoon smiley face?

You can download a cartoon smiley face from the following sources: Free Smileys, Smiley Central, Facebook, Emojis, All Free Downloads, Brothersoft, Crawler Smiley, Post Smiles.

How do you make faces on Facebook?

say if you want 2 make a smiley face u simply do :) or if u want it 2 wink ;) or stick its tongue out :P or big smile :D sunglasses B) there are so many try them all

How do you insert smiley faces into a text message on a blackberry pearl?

N i g g a row a character map app, scroll down to "misc symbols" and there will be smiley faces, music notes, hearts, and all kind of s h i t

How do you make smiley faces on text message?

All you have to do is push shift and the : like that then shifr ) then put them together like this :)

How do you do all faces chat?

:) = smiley :( = sad ;) = wink :'( = cry :O = surprised (^^^) = shark :* = kiss 8) = sunglasses

Do all Henry Vacuum cleaners have smiley faces on the unit?

Numatic International Inc does indeed adhere a smiley face to all their Henry vacuums. They are lightweight but some reviews report the suction power as a weakness.

How do you make all facebook symbols?

all I know what to do is a shark and you go like this (^^^) and all of the sad faces happy faces and more but I just cant remember how to do a robot