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to show emotion

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Facebook added mustaches to smiley faces as part of a Movember initiative to raise awareness for men's health issues. The mustaches are meant to symbolize support for men's health and encourage conversations about topics like prostate cancer and mental health.

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Q: Why do all the smiley faces on Facebook have mustaches?
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The smiley faces with faces simply means the possible expressions that corresponds with our various moods.

Why are smiley faces yellow?

Smiley faces are often depicted as yellow due to the traditional association of yellow with happiness and positivity. Yellow is a bright and uplifting color that is commonly used to convey feelings of joy and cheerfulness, making it a fitting choice for smiley faces.

How do you do all facebook faces all of them?


What are all smiley faces for facebook?

:)=smiling :(=frowning :P=tongue sticking out :*=kissing :3=mustache :v=pacman 8)=glasses 8|=shades >:(=angry >:o=laughing :'(=crying O:)=angel o.O=confused :/=confused 2 ;)=winking :D=mouth open :putnam:=head of a man <(")=penguin (^^^)=shark :42:=42(but with red and white) :|]=robot -_-=sham on you ^_^=girl <3=heart 3:)=devil

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smiley faces are a sense of expession when happy, sad. lonely. and satisfied. I like smileys, I'm smiley!!! is a smiley face:

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You can download a cartoon smiley face from the following sources: Free Smileys, Smiley Central, Facebook, Emojis, All Free Downloads, Brothersoft, Crawler Smiley, Post Smiles.

How do you make faces on Facebook?

say if you want 2 make a smiley face u simply do :) or if u want it 2 wink ;) or stick its tongue out :P or big smile :D sunglasses B) there are so many try them all

How do you do all faces chat?

:) = smiley :( = sad ;) = wink :'( = cry :O = surprised (^^^) = shark :* = kiss 8) = sunglasses

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all I know what to do is a shark and you go like this (^^^) and all of the sad faces happy faces and more but I just cant remember how to do a robot

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