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:) = smiley

:( = sad

;) = wink

:'( = cry

:O = surprised

(^^^) = shark

:* = kiss

8) = sunglasses

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Q: How do you do all faces chat?
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What is a pig in chat faces?

It is :@) Have fun with it!!!

Faces on Facebook chat?

type :putnam:

How do you make faces of animals in facebook chat?

Google "facebook chat emotes" They have a lot. :D

How do you make different smiley faces on facebook chat?

:putnam: (^^^) :-*

What are all the faces when you chat on Facebook?

There are many but go to google and ask the same question and click the first one. It should be a link on facebook. :P

How do you make cool faces on Facebook chat?

You can find a list of emoticons in related links.

How to make different faces on IM chat?

Depends on the chat, but on most you can put :( :) :D :/ :l and they will automatically turn into emoticons when you enter in the text. But on most there is also usually a little button with a smiley face, you click on it and it gives you all the emoticons. ;)

How do you put rage faces in facebook chat. I already downloaded the extension but i don't know how to physically do it?

Here is the list of rage faces just type the name of the face at the end of "rage.fu/" in the chat bar. Remember that they also need the extension for it to work

How do you set up a runescape clan chat?

click at the multiple happy faces on your bar then you click edit clan and type your clan name in and edit all your settings.

Where are all the military chat rooms?

Yahoo chat has military chat rooms.

You are a polyhedron all your faces are the same all of your faces are equilateral triangles you have eight faces what are you?

An octahedron.

What is a polyhedron with all faces the same all faces are equilateral triangles and has eight faces?