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Google "facebook chat emotes" They have a lot. :D

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Q: How do you make faces of animals in facebook chat?
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How do you make different smiley faces on facebook chat?

:putnam: (^^^) :-*

How do you make cool faces on Facebook chat?

You can find a list of emoticons in related links.

How do you do animal faces in your chat?

you can make a Shark by ( ^ ^ ^ ) but without the space but it doesnt work on every site it works on Facebook

How do you make icons for the chat on facebook?

You make icons on Facebook Chat by making certain smiles, frowns, animals, etc. and putting them on your chat. Some examples are:Smile - :)Frown - :(Wink - ;)Kiss - :*Shark - (^^^)Penguin -

How do you make your chat work on Facebook?

how you make your chat work on facebook it this you click where it sayed chat and you can see people if they are online or offline

How do you make big middle finger in facebook chat?

You can't make anything like this on Facebook chat.

How do you make squidward on Facebook chat?

how to you make squidward on facebook

How do you make a horse on Facebook chat?

I don't think there is a horse emoticon for facebook chat

How Do You Make Faces In Facebook Im?

open the chat and there is a button with a smiley face, click it and then numerous faces will pop up which you can use. you can also type face eg, :) = smiley face

How do you make a kiss emotoin on Facebook?

on Facebook chat you do this: :*

How do you make a snake on facebook?

To make a snake in Facebook comment or chat the user needs to download a emoticon app. Though there are some animals that can be made without it a snake is not one of them.

How do you make a ghost on Facebook chat?

[[109079559124318]] ghost for pacman, copy that and paste it on your facebook chat.