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There are different ways to make a dog in a facebook chat. On an apple device, someone can go into facebook settings and select the emoji. From there, many different symbols, including dogs, can be found.

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Q: How do you make a dog in a facebook chat using keyboard symbols?
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How do you group chat on Facebook?

You can have group chat in Facebook by using Clobby. Visit

How do you make the music notes on Facebook?

Here is a list of facebook symbols for status' and chat! Music notes are there fun!

Where is inbox on Facebook?

On the top right, there is the facebook logo, and 3 symbols, the symbols should be two people, two chat bubbles, and Earth. The two people are requests. The two chat bubbles is the Inbox. And the Earth symbol is Notifications.

Can you chat on facebook using a nokia e63?

Yes, you can chat on Facebook using the Nokia E63. In order to do so, you must first download the Facebook application. It is free of charge to download.

How do you make a basketball in a facebook chat?

To make a basketball in Facebook chat the various characters provided on a keyboard should be experimented with until a symbol that resembles a basketball has been created.

How do you chat on Facebook using iphone?

Facebook App from the Apple app store.

How do you chat in Facebook using IE6?

Facebook isn't supporting IE6 anymore because they feel that they need to upgrade their technolies. They are supporting IE8 with facebook chat. They juss want to upgrade. But what you can do is download internet explorer 8 on your desktop to continue using facebook chat.

How do you chat in facebook using Android tablet?

you need to install the facebook messenger app.

How do you make cool animals on the keyboard for facebook chat?

(^^^) is a shark :putnam: is a face :-3 is a cat <(") is a penguin

Can 3 people chat on Facebook?

no you can only do 2 way chat in facebook. if you want to do 3 way chat, try using something like google talk (gmail) or msn.

Can you chat on Facebook using the Kindle Fire?

yes you can just get the Facebook app for free in the app store

How do you do facebook chat using opera mini mobile?

its simple and easy. just follow the link to do facebook chat in opera mini mobile,

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