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Because it was very widespear

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Q: Why did colonists turn to west african slaves for cheap labor?
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Why did colonists in Maryland and the Carolina's enslave native Americans and African slaves?

They did it because it was cheap labor, knew the land, had no friends or family.

Why did the demand for African slaves grow?

the need for cheap labor in Europe

Why did colonists in need of cheap labor turn to slaves from West Africa?

because they were free and there were a lot of them.

What caused African slaves to be brought to the Americas?

What caused African slaves to be brought to the Americas was the demand for cheap labor. They replaced indentured servants.

Why were African slaves used so heavily in the southern colonies?

They provided good and cheap labor

Why did colonists in Maryland and the carolinas enslave native Americans and use African slaves?

Indians died too quickly Slaves didn't

What were reasons for European colonists to buy Africans for slave labor?

The African slaves were cheaper for the Europeans because they were not indigenous to the Americas.

Why did European traders begin acquiring African slaves in the early 1600s?

they needed cheap labor for their american colonies

What were 3 advantages the American colonists had in using African slaves instead of natives to labor on the plantations?

African's didn't know the land well so they couldn't run away easily

What was the main reason for having slaves?

Cheap labor

Why were slaves invented?

Slaves were not invented. Slaves were people that were thought of as incredibly insignificant that were used for hard labor.

Who used cheap labor in the south?

rich people or slaves