Why are gay people so funny?

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2013-09-09 01:27:11

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Some gay people are funny and some are not. Being gay has nothing to do with being funny.

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2013-09-09 01:27:11
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Q: Why are gay people so funny?
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Why do gay people have funny voices?

gay people do not have funny voices. This is a stereotype that continues to be spread in TV and movies.

What does it mean when your gay funny?

The original meaning of gay is happy. so it probably means that you are happy funny.

Why do people pretened their gay?

Why do gay people pretend their straight? probably to be accepted in some group of people. but seriously why do people pretend they are gay? - because its funny :P

Why do a lot of gay people speak funny?

They don't speak funny, they just have a different tone in their voice. Not all gay people speak like that, but the ones who I know speak differently is because most gay men are around women most of the time, and women are most of their friends, so their voice naturally rises.

Are the guys on Smosh gay?

I don't think so. I think they just act gay for your entertainment. Just to be funny.

Was Ross Mathews a girl?

no ross mathews is a gay man and he was not a girl. He is so funny and suprisingly he is openly gay!

Is are gay people gay?

Yes, very gay they are so gay that they eat gay people haters

Who discovered the electron cloud and when?

saying its gay isnt exactly funny smh, saying something is gay as an insult is just homophobic so shush

Types of comedy?

funny, not funny, and just plain gay

What were gay people?

well, gay people are still around so your question should be- what ARE gay people, and gay people are people who like people of the same gender.

What does it mean when a girl says 'your so gay and you don't even like boys'?

Whatever you said for her to say your gay had to be funny or just stupid.

Is is gay to be gay?

No, people are born gay and so do not choose to be gay. It would be gay to choose to be gay.

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