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gay people do not have funny voices. This is a stereotype that continues to be spread in TV and movies.

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Q: Why do gay people have funny voices?
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Why are gay people so funny?

Some gay people are funny and some are not. Being gay has nothing to do with being funny.

How do gay men get weird voices?

There is nothing that links voices to being gay.

Why do Gay people have different voices?

Everyone has a different voice whether they are gay or straight. They have the mindset of a woman

Why do gay peoples voice change?

Gay peoples voices do not change any more than straight people's voices change. All voices get a little deeper with age, but this happens regardless of sexual orientation.

Why do people pretened their gay?

Why do gay people pretend their straight? probably to be accepted in some group of people. but seriously why do people pretend they are gay? - because its funny :P

Why do gay males talk in high pitched voices?

no it isn't is it because thay train there voices to go like that that's why some gay lads havnt got high voices yay i know something :) love you gay john ..

What does it mean when your gay funny?

The original meaning of gay is happy. so it probably means that you are happy funny.

Types of comedy?

funny, not funny, and just plain gay

Do all gay men have feminie voices?

No. The gay men just have the female trends.

How do you say merry Christmas in different ways?

By using funny voices.

Why do a lot of gay people speak funny?

They don't speak funny, they just have a different tone in their voice. Not all gay people speak like that, but the ones who I know speak differently is because most gay men are around women most of the time, and women are most of their friends, so their voice naturally rises.

What are some applications that convert text to speech in funny voices?

Some applications that convert text to speech in funny voices are "iSpeech", "Text To Speech" and "Speak It!". All of these apps have a variety of customization features to choose which funny voice a user wants to use.

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