Is are gay people gay

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, very gay they are so gay that they eat gay people haters

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Q: Is are gay people gay
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How do you get gay people?

You can meet gay people but you can't "get" gay people.

Are gay people actually gay?

Yes, gay people are actually gay.

What were gay people?

well, gay people are still around so your question should be- what ARE gay people, and gay people are people who like people of the same gender.

Should gay people force people who are not gay to like gay people?

Gay people have their own interests and should not force them on others.

How can you get gay people to stop following you?

Gay people only follow other gay people.

Are all people gay?

Yes, all gay people are gay. It's not something people pretend to be.

Who are the people that are in one direction?

gay gay gay and gay

Who is the coach of the gay people?

There is no coach of gay people.

Which things are common in all gay people?

Gay people are a very diverse segment of the population. Coming up with qualities that all gay people have in common is difficult. Here are a few:All gay people have lungsAll gay people eat foodAll gay people breatheAll gay people want good livesAll gay people feel sad at one time or anotherAll gay people feel happy at one time or another

Are there gay people in the world?

Yes, there are gay people in the world.

Is there gay people in ucla?

Yes. Gay people are everywhere.

Are gay people confused hetrosexuals?

No, gay people are not confused heterosexuals. They are gay because that is how they were born.