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Yes, gay people are actually gay.

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Q: Are gay people actually gay
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What kind of shoes do gay people wear?

They actually try to fit in with others, I've actually seen gay people and they look normal.

Is Justin real gay?

No, Many people said that he said he was gay on Oprah, he was talking about his uncle who actually is gay.

What are names of famous people with the last name of Gay?

Marvin Gay.....Actually its spelled Gaye.

Why are gay men are hardly committed to their partners?

This is a myth. The gay relationship has been attacked for years, but gay people actually have the same relationship statistics as straight people.

Is gay people hot?

Maybe or maybe not, it is actually how you see the person.

How many percentage of people that consider if they're gay actually are?

Virtually 100% of people who consider themselves gay really are gay. There are a few exceptions, where a person might be confused about their orientation, but those people wouldn't consider themselves gay.

How come people call people they like or don't know gay?

people who are afraid of gay people, or who just hate gay people, think it's bad to be gay. So they use the word "gay" as an insult, when it's really just part of human nature. Some of these hateful people are actually gay themselves, but can't bring themselves to admit it.

How can people become gay?

People don't "become" gay. It seems to have something to do with fetal development and genetics. In any case, sexual orientation is determined by age six. Many people experiment with a same-sex relationship without actually being gay, and some people are actually bisexual. In the long run, however, you are what you are.

What is the rising number of gay people?

The number of gay people isn't actually rising. It's the same as it's always been. But gay people are coming out more often today than they did in the past, because they are feeling safer.

Is the creator of SpongeBob is gay?

Heck no. The creator ACTUALLY claimed that the people who made Spongebob and Patrick into a gay icon ish actually gay people themselves. Don't believe meh? Look it up on Wikepedia. Wikipedia: People can change it around. Don't you think? Don't believe everything that's on Wikipedia.

Why are more and more males becoming gay?

They aren't. It is actually impossible to become gay. But society is becoming more accepting of gay people, and they are not hiding it as much as they used to.

How many people with black star tattoos are actually gay?

First of all, tattoos have nothing to do with sexual orientation. Second, no surveys are done on gay people and tattoos.

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