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This is a myth. The gay relationship has been attacked for years, but gay people actually have the same relationship statistics as straight people.

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Q: Why are gay men are hardly committed to their partners?
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Do gay men have more sex than straight men?

Yes. Men are by nature more promiscuous than women. Since both partners are male the drive of both are continually on overdrive. Straight men would be as sexually aggressive as gay if their partners were as driven. Many Straight men would love to have multiple sex partners but typically their female counterparts are not as open to this behavior as gay partners are. Obviously these are both general statements as their are many promiscuous women, but typically speaking gay me

How many sex partners does a gay man have in 1 year?

Monogamous gay men only have 1. Otherwise, the number varies by person.

Why are gay men eager to get married instead of remaining as partners?

Many same-sex couples want to have the benefits and protections associated with legal marriage. Many gay men do not want to marry.

Why do men turn gay in prison?

Men do not turn gay in prison. Nobody can turn gay. It's simply not possible to change sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is fixed at an early age, possibly at birth. Men have sex with other men in prisons because there are no opposite-sex partners for them.

Can gay men get aids faster than not gay people?

Gay people are said to get AIDS faster than straight people because they are thought to change sexual partners more often; so a gay person can get aids as easily as a straight person if they change sexual partners with same frequency.

Do gay men wear wedding rings?

Only if they are married or in a committed relationship with their partner.

Do gay men wear insignia to let other gay men know they are gay?

I don't and you probably would not be able to tell I'm gay from meeting me on the street. Mind you, I bought a t-shirt a while back that says "ssshhh, Nobody knows im gay!" just as a laugh, hardly wear it but when I do i get a few odd looks

Is it true gay men are more attractive than straight men?

No, not at all. It may seem to a gay man that they are more attractive, but this is because they are more likely to become partners with that man than straight men. 2:alot of women like to be in the company of gay men, even to go out on a social level as they do not feel threatened in any way.

How do gay men become men?

Gay men are already men. They don't become men.

Are committed long term relationships more common with gay men or lesbians?

Several studies indicate that Lesbians tend to have longer relationships than gay men or heterosexual couples.

Why do men in long commited relationships with women want to be gay?

No straight man wants to be gay. And many gay men also do not want to be gay. But some gay men try so hard to hide, that they wind up on long committed relationships with women. And one day, they can't take the lies any more.

Is there a federal law banning gay men from giving blood in the us?

It is not a federal law, but there is a law in place. Gay men in the U.S. cannot give blood as there is an unfounded fear of these men having HIV, without knowing, and spreading that disease into the blood supply. This law even applies to men who have monogamous partners.

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