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I don't and you probably would not be able to tell I'm gay from meeting me on the street.

Mind you, I bought a t-shirt a while back that says "ssshhh, Nobody knows im gay!" just as a laugh, hardly wear it but when I do i get a few odd looks

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Q: Do gay men wear insignia to let other gay men know they are gay?
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Do gay men wear insignia?

Yes. It is a button worn on the top, left shoulder, looking slightly like the batman sign but gayer.

Are you gay if you want to wear a thong and bra when you are a guy?

No, wanting to wear a thong and bra does not make you gay. A sexual attraction to other men makes you gay.

Which direction do you wear the gay pride rainbow to signify that you're gay?

There is no particular way to wear the pride rainbow. But note, the pride rainbow is used in other contexts (such as a general 'peace' symbol) and does necessary mean the wearer is gay.

Is it gay to want to know what it feels like to kiss other guys?

No, it is not. it is only gay if you are sexually interested in other guys.

How can you know if you have a gay friend?

Check their room for gay porn then check how they stare at other people

Do only gay guys wear yfronts?

No. In fact, there is no clothing that "only gay guys wear."

What color do gay people wear?

There isn't a certain color that all gay people wear.

On what hand do gay people wear promise rings?

Engagement rings and promise rings are both 20th century inventions, and have no traditional etiquette. You can wear them wherever you want, whether you are gay or straight.In the United States and Canada, married people (gay or straight) generally wear their wedding rings on the left hand. In some other countries, people wear the wedding ring on the right hand. There is a myth that all Gay people wear wedding rings on a different hand than straight people to indicate they are gay, but this is untrue.

Are the Jonas brothers guy?

don't know whether you mean 'gay' or 'guys'. they're not gay. they were raised in a christian household which taught them to be gentlemen, and they wear purity rings. they are not gay. and of course they're guys.

Do gay men know all the top designers?

This is a common stereotype aimed particularly at gay men. Just because someone is gay does not mean they know all the designer brands and wear designer branded clothing. This is a bold generalisation and often inaccurate.

Are skinny jeans gay?

No. They are not gay girls wear them all the time (in winter) but guys can still wear them.

Which side is the gay side to wear your hair?

If you are a woman or man and wear your hair to the left you are indeed gay.