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Unless they choose to wear them elsewhere they still wear then on there ring finger of the left hand.

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2007-12-31 15:38:01
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Q: Where do gay women wear rings?
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Why do gay men wear rings on the right hand'?

People do not wear rings on their right hand because they are gay. This is a myth.

On what hand do gay people wear promise rings?

Engagement rings and promise rings are both 20th century inventions, and have no traditional etiquette. You can wear them wherever you want, whether you are gay or straight.In the United States and Canada, married people (gay or straight) generally wear their wedding rings on the left hand. In some other countries, people wear the wedding ring on the right hand. There is a myth that all Gay people wear wedding rings on a different hand than straight people to indicate they are gay, but this is untrue.

Do gay men wear engagement rings?

No, most gay men do not wear engagement rings, but they almost always give each other a wedding band at their wedding.

Do Chinese women wear wedding rings?


Which hand do men wear engagement rings?

Men do not traditionally wear engagement rings as they only wear wedding rings, it is only women that wear engagement rings. However, I would assume that this would be the ring finger, the same as women which is the left hand, next to the little finger.

How are women supposed to wear wedding rings?

To small

What nationality is it where women wear rings around their necks that elongate them?

The nationality is South African, they wear these rings to show that they are married!

Do gay men wear bras?

No. Only women wear bras.

On what thumb does a gay man wear his ring?

There is no rule about gay men wearing rings on certain fingers. This is a myth.

Why do men and women wear wedding rings?

to show they are married

What are the necklaces called that Thailand women wear?

You are probably referring to women of the remote Karen tribe, who wear brass rings around their necks to elongate them. I am not sure of the name for these rings in their language, but the women are commonly known as "the longnecks" due to their penchant for wearing these heavy rings.

Do gay men wear wedding rings?

Only if they are married or in a committed relationship with their partner.

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