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No its sexy

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Q: Is it gay for women to wear men cargo shorts?
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What do gay males wear?

Gay males usually wear shirts and pants (trousers or jeans). They may also wear shorts, particularly cargo shorts. Footwear ranges from flip-flops to formal dress shoes, depending on the occasion, but most commonly, you'll see sneakers and casual shoes.

Do gay men wear bras?

No. Only women wear bras.

Is it gay to be male and wear stockings?

Not neccessarily; some men wear stockings "professionally" - male actors, for example, occasionally play women. Transvestites are (usually) men who like to wear women's clothes, but they aren't necessarily gay.

Where do gay women wear rings?

Unless they choose to wear them elsewhere they still wear then on there ring finger of the left hand.

Does a tattoo on your right upper arm mean you are gay?

Yes it does more so if you wear white trainees and knee lenght shorts

What kind of clothes do gay guys wear?

Gay people usually wear shirts and pants. Sometimes jeans or shorts. Footwear can range from flip-flops to formal dress shoes, depending on the occasion, but you would typically see sneakers or casual shoes.When swimming, gay people often choose to wear bathing suits, and when working out, they wear loose-fitting clothing called sweats and tee shirts.

Why would your boyfriend have semen stains on the bottoms of his shorts but insist he's not gay?

He probably masturbated while wearing the shorts, which doesn't make him gay.

If your boyfriend likes to wear women's underwear should you be concerned?

yes you should be concerned ... no i like panties and i am not gay. if he is gay then i would be worried

Are you gay if you where girl clothes sometimes?

Absolutely not. In fact, many men who like to wear women's clothes are not gay. You are only gay if you are sexually attracted to members of the same gender.

Are footy shorts gay?

footy is a good sport

Does a gay man wear women's shoes?

No, you're thinking of a cross dresser, which has nothing to do with sexual orientation.