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They actually try to fit in with others, I've actually seen gay people and they look normal.

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Q: What kind of shoes do gay people wear?
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Is there a certain kind of bracelet that gay people wear?

No, there is no such bracelet that is specifically gay.

What is gay wear?

There is no such thing as "gay wear." Gay people do not wear special clothing.

What color do gay people wear?

There isn't a certain color that all gay people wear.

What clothes do gay people wear?

Gay people usually wear shirts and pants. Sometimes jeans or shorts. Footwear can range from flip-flops to formal dress shoes, depending on the occasion, but you would typically see sneakers or casual shoes.When swimming, gay people often choose to wear bathing suits, and when working out, they wear loose-fitting clothing called sweats and tee shirts.

Why can't men wear girl shoes?

they can but it just looks gay if your gay i recommend it because they wont fit

What kind of a shoes does a football player wear?

cleatsFootball shoes! That's what the shoe companies call them. They're made of leather, have removable spikes and everyone on the team has to wear shoes that are the same color.

Why can't guys wear pointe shoes?

Guys do wear pointy shoes. There called cowboy boots. Any other type of pointy shoe would be considered too gay.

What underwear do gay teens like to wear?

Gay teens can wear any underwear they want. There is no specific underwear for gay people.

What do gay males wear?

Gay males usually wear shirts and pants (trousers or jeans). They may also wear shorts, particularly cargo shorts. Footwear ranges from flip-flops to formal dress shoes, depending on the occasion, but most commonly, you'll see sneakers and casual shoes.

Does a gay man wear women's shoes?

No, you're thinking of a cross dresser, which has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Why do men wear high heels?

Men don't technacly wear heels. They are shoes with some hight added to the bottom. Most men wear these kinds of shoes because they are unhappy of the height. Or they are gay by dressing like girls

What finger do gay people wear their wedding ring on?

It depends on the culture. In the United States and Canada, it's customary to wear the wedding ring on the left hand. Being gay has nothing to do with this. Gay people wear their rings on the same hand as straight people.

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