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Q: Who makes a high capacity magazine for a browning high power in 40 cal?
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What is a 13 round magazine capacity?

A magazine that hold 13 rounds of ammunition. A Browing High Power is an example.

How do you remove the magazine disconnect from a browning hi power?

Not recommended to disable any safety feature on a firearm.

Why 10 round capacity limit on 22 calaber pistols?

.22 caliber pistols use a "single stack" magazine- each cartridge is directly on top of another, unlike the Browning Hi-Power, that has staggered cartridges. 10 rounds, and the magazine follower and spring are all that will fit in the butt of most pistols. In addition, some states have laws limiting the capacity of a magazine. Why THAT is, you will have to ask the politician that passed the law.

Is there any such thing as a Browning Luger Mark III?

No,not that I am aware of. Browning makes a Challenger mark III, but that is a .22 lr pistol. Browning also makes the Hi-Power which is chambered for 9mm Luger.

How do you remove the magazine disconnect from a browning hi-power?

See the following link:

How many rounds of ammunition in a hi power browning pistol?

The larger the caliber, the fewer the rounds carried in the typical hand magazine. A 9 mm generally packs 15 staggered rounds. A .45 will have 10 rounds lined up straight. Some models support extended magazines. The Browning HP, introduced in Belgium in 1935, came with a 13 round magazine. You could hand feed one round in the chamber, giving a total pistol capacity of 14 rounds.

What Browning pistol fits a 40163 Browning holster?

A Browning Hi Power

What is the manufacture date of a Browning High Power pistol serial number T197327?

Your browning hi-power was made by browning in 1967.

When was Diesel Power - magazine - created?

Diesel Power - magazine - was created in 2005.

When was Max Power - magazine - created?

Max Power - magazine - was created in 1993.

What year was a browning hi power made with serial number T217926?

Your browning hi-power was made by F N in belguim for browning in 1968.

In last house on the left what weapons?

browning hi power or replica of browning hi power (not sure)