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Kareena kapoor an Indian actress,Vidya balan,Ali zafar from Pakistan,Rani mukharji from Indian.I know these Bi-sexual heroines

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Q: Who are some bisexual celebrities?
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What celebrities are bisexual?

Tila Tequila,Lindsey Lohan

Which celebrities are bisexual?

Jessie J, and ive heard jessica/ashley simpson might be

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Some monkeys have demonstrated gay or bisexual behavior, but not all of them.

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Little Starchild is bisexual. He has admitted that some of his songs are about his bisexuality.

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She's straight How do you know she's straight? Are you in her bedroom? She could be bi-sexual or gay. I love how people think they know everything about celebrities!

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A lot of celebrities are not homosexuals, but those who identify as LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Queer) members can't choose to be gay, they were born that way.

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Some celebrities probably do have MSN but I know for a fact that celebrities have myspace eg Brendon Urie, Pete Wents (but most people make celebrities)

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