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Some of the celebrities who celebrate on May 28th are Kylie Minogue, Elizabeth Filarski, and John Fogerty.

See the link for more celebrities.

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Q: Which celebrities celebrate their birthdays on May 28th?
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You would celebrate it on the same date. The fact that it is a leap year should make no difference. It is only if the death happened on the 29th of February that there is a confusion. In that situation most people will celebrate anniversaries and birthdays on the 1st of March, seeing as it is the day after the 28th of February, as the 29th of February is. Some may opt for the 28th of February, as it is the day before the 1st of March, as the 29th of February is. For other dates in leap years then birthdays and anniversaries and other commemorations will always be on the same date.

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