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Q: Which famous people have birthdays on May 29?
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What celebritys celebrate there birthday on the 29th of many?

Some celebrity birthdays on May 29th G. K. Chesterton born on May 29, 1874 Bob Hope born on May 29, 1903 John F. Kennedy born on May 29, 1917 Paul R. Ehrlich born on May 29, 1932 Kevin Conway born on May 29, 1942 Anthony Geary born on May 29, 1947 Nick Mancuso born on May 29, 1948 Danny Elfman born on May 29, 1953 LaToya Jackson born on May 29, 1956 Ted Levine born on May 29, 1957 Annette Bening born on May 29, 1958 Adrian Paul born on May 29, 1959 Rupert Everett born on May 29, 1959 Maribel Fernández born on May 29, 1960 Maribel Guardia born on May 29, 1960 Melissa Etheridge born on May 29, 1961 Débora Bloch born on May 29, 1963 Lisa Whelchel born on May 29, 1963 Lars Kaalund born on May 29, 1964 Noel Gallagher born on May 29, 1967 Melissa Anne Bellin born on May 29, 1973 Paul Jones born on May 29, 1973 Jason Allison born on May 29, 1975 Melanie Brown born on May 29, 1975 Claudio Caçapa born on May 29, 1976 David Buckner born on May 29, 1976 Ebenezer Ekuban born on May 29, 1976 Egor Titov born on May 29, 1976 Massimo Ambrosini born on May 29, 1977 Adam Rickitt born on May 29, 1978 Sebastien Grosjean born on May 29, 1978 Arne Friedrich born on May 29, 1979 Ernesto Farias born on May 29, 1980 Rebekah Hurth born on May 29, 1981 Ana Beatriz Barros born on May 29, 1982 Petra Kuklova born on May 29, 1989

When are the Shaytards birthdays?

Shay's birthday is March 5, 1980. Katilette's birthday is June 29, 1982. Sontard's birthday is December 3, 2003. Princesstard's birthday is May 4, 2005. Babytard's birthday is August 19, 2007. Rocktard's birthday is June 10, 2010.

What has made Fanny Brice famous?

Fanny Brice was a famous American theatre and film actress, who stared in the radio comedy series the Baby Snooks Show. She lived from October 28, 1891 to May 29, 1951, and her life was portrayed in the musical Funny Girl on Broadway.

What famous person was born on June 29?

Zuleikha Robinson (1977, London, England, UK)

When are the birthdays of the members of NSYNC?

Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick October 17, 1971 Joshua Scott Chasez Birth date: August 8, 1976 Joseph Anthony Fatone Birth date: January 29, 1976 James Lance Bass Birth date: May 4, 1979 Justin Randall Timberlake Birth date: January 31, 1981

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How many birthdays are on feb 29?

1,556,232,100 people are born on a leap year!

How common are birthdays of different people?

October 5th is the most common birthday. (thats my birthday!) May 29 is the least common. i hope that answered your question. :l

When is 1ds birthdays?

He was born 29. August 1993.

Birthdays on August 29 1958?

Michael Jackson was born August 29, 1958.

What month has the least birthdays?

February.....because it only has 28 days (29 on leap years). Statistically it has the least amount of birthdays.

What year was your president Andrew Johnson born?

December 29, 1808 If you want to know more birthdays and people, you can always look at Wikipedia.

What happens if your birthdays on February 29?

they will just celbrate it on febuary 30th .

How many famous people had false teeth?

the correct answer is 29.

New kids on the block birthdays?

Jordans is May 17 jons is November 29 Joes is December 31 Donnies is August 17 Dannys is May14

What are Michael Jackson's sisters' birthdays?

Janet was born May 16, 1966. La Toya Jackson was born May 29, 1956. Maureen "Rebbie" Jackson was born May 29, 1950. Michael Jackson has a half-sister, Joh'Vonnie Jackson, born August 30, 1974.

What famous people have been born on August 29?

Micheal Jackson

What date has the least birthdays?

February 29, because it only occurs every 4 years.