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Which has less fat: mealworms or chicken?

Mealworms have less fat because Doctors recommend that people eat no more than 65 grams of fat a day. A serving of edible mealworms has 1/8 of this amount. A serving of chicken has 1/9 of the amount. Plus according to math 1/8 is greater than 1/9 , because 1 is being divided by a smaller number and hence the result would be bigger than when that same 1 is divided by a bigger number as 9. Implies that 1/9 is less than 1/8 and hence 1/8 is greater than 1/9.

Which has more protein: grasshoppers or tilapia?

It is true that grasshoppers have more protein than Tilapia fish because People in Mexico enjoy toasted grasshoppers. A serving of the grasshoppers has about 7/10 of the recommended daily amount of protein. A serving of tilapia fish has about 3/10 of the recommended daily amount.

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Q: Which has less fat: mealworms or chicken?
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Do mealworms get fat?


Does chicken have fat in it?

YES. Yes, chicken contains fat. The amount of fat can vary in different parts of the chicken; white meat has less fat than dark meat. The manner of preparation also makes a big difference: fried chicken has far more fat than roasted, grilled or stewed chicken.

Does Chicken has less fat per gram than pork?


Does chicken have less fat per gram than pork?


Does chicken have more fat or less fat?

Less fat then what exactly? Chickens have grown larger and with more fat over the years. It's likely that chickens now have more saturated fat than protein. There hasn't been an independent study released recently on chicken fat in quite some time.

What is the nutritional benefits of venison?

Venison has less fat and carbs than Chicken or Turkey.

Does chicken have fat?

It depends on the chicken. If it is fat than yes there can be fat. But if it is like a regular size chicken than no. No fat

What kind of fat is in chicken meat?

Chicken fat.

Why do chicken's fats float on the surface of tinola soup?

The chicken fat is less dense than the rest of the soup, so it floats on the surface.

What is a food entree in which one serving contains less than 10 fat 7 or more total carbohydrated less than 2 cholesterol and no saturated fat?

Chicken wings

Can cholesterol people eat grill chicken?

Yes, of course . It is grill not fried so it has less fats. But also depends on what type of chicken lean or fat.

Why is chicken fat bad?

Chicken fat is bad because it can contain 100-150 grams of fat.