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you can't get smeargle in leaf green, you have to trade a smeargle

from Pokemon Emerald and Ruby, before you can show the lady on

5 island a smeargle. if you can't trade one then you can't finish your


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Q: Where you get a Smeargle in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where is Smeargle in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Sorry, you can't get Smeargle in Pokemon Leafgreen. All you can do is trade from one of the Hoenn games, like Sapphire, Ruby, or Emerald. :(

How do you get a smeargle in pokemon leafgreen?

u can;t trade it from ruby sapphire or emerald

Where to catch teddiursa on LeafGreen version?

In LEafgreen,threr are some Pokemon that your opponent can have but you cant have like teddyursa, marreep, smeargle, even oddish!!!!

What type of Pokemon is Smeargle?

Smeargle is a Normal type pokemon.

What is in outcast island in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you do something in the game (i forgot what) and Pokemon from the emerald safari zone appear + smeargle in the outcast island cave

Is smeargle a legendary in Pokemon?

No, Smeargle is not a Legendary Pokémon.

How do you get smeargle to learn spore?

Enter a double-battle with smeargle and a Pokemon with spore. Have that Pokemon use spore and have smeargle use sketch on him/her.

When does smeargle evolve on Pokemon HeartGold?

smeargle dosent evovle....

Where can you catch Smeargle in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Catching Smeargle in Leaf GreenYou cannot catch Smeargle in Leaf Green, but you can catch him in Emerald at the battle frontier. Answergo to the Pokemon guil then turn left until you see a cave use dig in front og=f the cave to get to the smergal cave all smergal all the time

How do you get smeargle in Pokemon Pokemon FireRed?

Smeargle cannot be captured in firered to get one trade one from emerald or colosseum.

Where do you get Smeargle in Pokemon Pearl?

Smeargle, the artist Pokemon, can be caught in Pokemon Pearl by using the Poke Radar on Route 212 (closer to Hearthome City side). The same area for catching Smeargle applies to Pokemon Diamond.

Is smeargle in the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon Pearl?

No but rotom is

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Where can you catch Smeargle in Pokemon LeafGreen?

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