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Smeargle is a Normal type pokemon.

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Q: What type of Pokemon is Smeargle?
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How do you get a smeargle in Pokemon FireRed?

Smeargle is a Normal type Pokemon known especially for its unique move Sketch. It cannot be caught anywhere in the wild in Pokemon FireRed and must be traded over from another game.

Is smeargle a legendary in Pokemon?

No, Smeargle is not a Legendary Pokémon.

How do you get smeargle to learn spore?

Enter a double-battle with smeargle and a Pokemon with spore. Have that Pokemon use spore and have smeargle use sketch on him/her.

Where do you get Smeargle in Pokemon Pearl?

Smeargle, the artist Pokemon, can be caught in Pokemon Pearl by using the Poke Radar on Route 212 (closer to Hearthome City side). The same area for catching Smeargle applies to Pokemon Diamond.

Which Pokemon can you get using the PokeRadar in Pokemon Diamond?


Is smeargle in the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon Pearl?

No but rotom is

What Pokemon are in battle frontier?

sowdowoodo and smeargle

How do you get sketch in Pokemon emerald?

You catch Smeargle ;)

Is Pokemon Smeargle a legendary Pokemon?

Nope. But he is really cool. Every ten levels he learns sketch which then can be used to teach him literally any move.

Will smeargle evolve?

No, Smeargle does not have an evolution. It's a one-stage Pokemon, meaning it has no evolutions or pre-evolutions.

How do you catch Smeargle in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You can find Smeargle in route 212 using the Poke Radar.

Where is Smeargle in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Sorry, you can't get Smeargle in Pokemon Leafgreen. All you can do is trade from one of the Hoenn games, like Sapphire, Ruby, or Emerald. :(