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Might try Cabelas or LeBaron

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Q: Where do you get 20 caliber pellets in Canada?
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How long is a air pellet?

It depends on the caliber. Air Pellets come in .177, .20, .22, 25, 9mm, 45 Cal, 357 cal, and 50 caliber. Different manufactures make different size pellets.

Is a 20 caliber pellet the same as 177 pellet?

No it's larger, and a .22 is larger than a .20 Pellets come in these sizes. .177, .20, .22, .25, 9mm, 45 caliber and 50 caliber. The last 3 sizes are for big boar air rifles.

What kind of pellets does a Crosman 761XL use?

The Crosman model 761XL is designed to shoot BB's or any .177 Caliber pellet. These are the most common pellets you can find. Make sure you select .177 Caliber pellets.

Can you shoot 177 caliber pellets out of a 177 caliber bb gun?

You need to consult your owner's manual. Some BB guns can shoot pellets, but some cannot.

Does crossman make 20 cal pellets?

Actually YES they do but you won't find them under the Crosman name. Years ago Crosman bought out both Benjamin and the Sheridan air gun companies. Sheridan uses 20 cal pellets. Crosman makes the pellets but they are under the Benjamin or Sheridan brand name. 20 caliber pellets are not easy to find. You could try Bass pro, Cabelas or Pyramydair on the web.

Is a 20 caliber rifle better then using a 20 gauge shot gun?

it deppens if you are shooting for geese and duck you should us a shot gun because they have wide spread pellets but if you are shooting for rabbits and don't want to have eny pellets in your meat use a 22 caliber to get a clean shot or if were looking for acurice I would use a 22 because you would get a more acurite shot then a 9 milemeter or 20 gauge

What is the difference between 4.5mm pellets and 177 caliber pellets?

4.5 mm and .177 Cal are the same size. It's just two different units of measurement. Millimeters verses Caliber.

Are metal BB pellets legal?

BB's are round and are .175 caliber. Pellets are not round and come in different shapes and sizes. If the gun or rifle is legal then the BB's and pellets are legal.

Can you shoot 25 caliber pellets from 22 caliber air rifle?

No. They will not fit. Trying to force a pellet of an incorrect caliber into an airgun can break it and potentially hurt the user.

What is the best 22 caliber pellet for hunting?

They are called hollow-point or hunting pellets. Check H&N pellets they are well made.

What type of pellets does a Crosman Semi-Auto c11 Air Pistol use?

The C-11 shoots .177 Caliber BB's not pellets

Should pellets fall out the barrel after loading?

Not normally unless you are using the wrong size pellet. Example: you have a .20 caliber rifle and you put in a .177 caliber pellet. Then Yes it will fall out. Check the barrel of the rifle and see what size pellet it uses