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Actually YES they do but you won't find them under the Crosman name. Years ago Crosman bought out both Benjamin and the Sheridan air gun companies. Sheridan uses 20 cal pellets. Crosman makes the pellets but they are under the Benjamin or Sheridan brand name.

20 caliber pellets are not easy to find. You could try Bass pro, Cabelas or Pyramydair on the web.

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Q: Does crossman make 20 cal pellets?
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How long is a air pellet?

It depends on the caliber. Air Pellets come in .177, .20, .22, 25, 9mm, 45 Cal, 357 cal, and 50 caliber. Different manufactures make different size pellets.

How do you kill a squirel with a airsof gun with out missing or hitting it but it still lives?

First of all if your gun shoots plastic BB's then DO NOT hunt with it. If it shoots lead or any other metal then it would depend. Here is the recommendations for squirel hunting. .177 cal. lead pellets Minimum 650 F.P.S. PBA pellets 800 F.P.S. Minimum .20 cal. lead pellets Minimum 625 F.P.S. PBA pellets 750 F.P.S. Minimum .22 cal. lead pellets Minimum 580 F.P.S. PBA pellets 725 F.P.S Minimum .25 cal. lead pellets Minimum 550 F.P.S PBA pellets 700 F.P.S. Minimum This is just based on what I've seen work. I am not responsible for anything regarding this post.

What airsoft bb's work best for pistols?

for a spring pistol crossman .12 gram red bbs 5000 from walmart $10 for anthing else .20 gram crossman non marking

What is the velocity needed to kill a turkey with a body shot from an air gun?

It has nothing to do with velocity. It has more to do with the size, weight and shape of the pellet. I recommend a .25 Cal or larger pellet. (Yes Pellet rifles come in different sizes) The smallest to the largest are .177, .20, .22, .25, 9mm, 357 cal, 45 Cal, and 50 Cal. I also recommend using hunting (hollowpoint) pellets. The heaver the better the knock-down power. (Pellets come in different weights.) Also check to see if your location allows hunting with a pellet gun.

How many pellets in a 20ft container?


Is 32 cal ammo the same as 32 20 cal in center fire?


When was Cal Lee born?

Cal Lee was born on 1946-10-20.

When did Cal McVey die?

Cal McVey died on 1926-08-20.

What are the two most common ammunition for an air rifle?

Generally the .177 caliber universal pellet or BB is the most common ammunition for an air rifle. However other pellets are available for larger bore air rifles. These include. .20, .22, .25, .30, 9MM, 45 cal, 357 cal and finally .50 caliber.

Where do you get 20 caliber pellets in Canada?

Might try Cabelas or LeBaron

How many types of air rifle pellets are there?

There are four basic shapes. 1. Waddcutters, These are flat and used for target shooting. 2. Pointed, These are used for speed and distance. 3. Hollow point. These are used for hunting. They mushroom on impact. 4. Round. These are universal pellets. There are variation of these shapes but these are the basic shapes. Pellets come in various sizes for different boar air rifles. .177, .20, .22, .25, 9mm, 45 Cal and 50 Cal. The last four sizes can be found in PCP air rifles. (PreCharged Pneumatic) These are very high powered air rifles. They require 2000 to 3000 PSI to fire the rifle.

Does a 1.77 or 22 air gun do the most damage?

just the sheer size of the .22 caliber pellet will do more damage than a .177 pellet. Here are the sizes of pellets today that are on the market. .177, .20, .22, .25, 9mm, 45 cal and 50 cal. The last 3 are usually restricted to PCP air rifles. (Big Bore)