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You will have to check with the police.

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2010-05-15 01:15:57
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Q: Where can you look to see if your stolen gun was found?
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How do you see if my gun was stolen?

what gun are we talking about here

How do you look up serial numbers on gun to see if stolen?

Ask your local police to run it.

Where do you check to see if a gun is stolen?

Local law enforcement.

How do you check to see if your hand gun is stolen?

Check with the local police. They can usually check the serial number to see if it's been reported stolen.

How do you check to see if a gun you are buying from a yardsale is stolen?

Contact your local police.

Find out if your gun is stolen?

Contact your local law enforcement. They can check to see if the serial number has been entered as a stolen item. IF there is a report, the officer will need to retain the gun to return it to the owner. They WILL need to have the gun in hand to do this, not over the phone.

How can you run a guns serial number tool see if a gun is stolen?

You cannot. The NCIC database that lists stolen firearms is only available to law enforcement.

How would you know if a gun is stolen?

Your best bet is to call your local law enforcement and have them run the cereal number A FFL (gun shop etc) or a PRIVATE citizen can call the ATF to run a serial number to see if its a reported stolen firearm. See related links for a page on the ATF that covers all this.

Is there a website that you can type in gun serial numbers to see if the gun is legal?

If "legal" means those reported stolen, then only law enforcement agencies have access. If your referring to characteristics of a gun, then the BATFE website may be of help.

How long are you going to jail for buying a stolen gun?

my knowledge on the sugject is that if a person had no prior knowledge that it was stolen then if the police find the gun and see it is stolen then theyll return it to its rightful owner, this goes for any property that they believe is stolen but that the police do not believe is the owner. so most likely a person would not get any punishment, but that might be effected by local or state laws or it could be effected by the specific situation.

Check serial numbers on hand gun?

For date made, try or maker's website. To see if stolen, contact your local police.

What is the AR in a Nerf gun?

The AR is an acronym for Air Restrictor in a Nerf gun. When you look down the barrel of a Nerf gun you see a little peg, this on of the Air restrictors. It varies with each gun.

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