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Birth Control is available at many doctors and OBGYNs. Even if they do not have it in office, they will be able to write you a prescription. You may also check for planned parenthood or public health clinics in your area. Most public health clinics will base the price of the pills on your income if you are uninsured. This may even be free in some situations.

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Q: Where can you buy birth control pills?
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what is the right age to use birth control pills in Neveda?

Any minor or above 17 years of age can buy birth control pills. Even a married minor can buy it.

Are there generics for birth control pills?

many birth control pills have generic equivalents.

Are there any birth control pills which are suitable for vegetarians?

Birth control pills are not made from meat.

How old do you have to be to buy birth control pills?

There is no age limit for starting birth dont have to be a certain age

Birth control's affect on teens that just began puberty and are taking pills?

You should not mix pills with your birth control pills. This candamage your insides or cause your birth control to be ineffective. Mixing pills is dangerous.

Do birth control pills protect against HIV?

No, birth control pills DO NOT protect against HIV

Are birth control pills a legend drug?

Yes, birth control pills require a prescription in the US.

Can birth control pills cause miscarriage?

Birth control pills will not harm or end an existing pregnancy.

Can you ovulate if you miss birth control pills?

Yes, you can ovulate and get pregnant if you miss birth control pills

Do you stop your birth control pills if your pregnant?

Yes, if you're pregnant, there is no need for birth control pills.

How Can you Get Birth Control without your parents knowing?

You can keep confidential the use birth control pills, you need to buy birth control pills from OnlineDrugPills online medical store which keeps your identity private. You can order birth control pills from here at best prices. The best plan b pill is available online to stop your unplanned pregnancy.

Do you need permisson to get birth control pills?

You have to have a prescription to buy birth control pills. You can get this from your family doctor. Another way is to visit a planned parenthood clinic but either way you will probably have to have a physical exam.

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