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Packet of Birth Control pills on the kitchen counter, receipts from the pharmacy for birth control pills, or your wife asking, "Have you seen my birth control pills?"

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Q: What are the signs if wife is taking birth control pills?
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What are signs of someone taking Roxy pills?

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Can 10 birth control pills at once delay your cycle?

Taking ten birth control pills at once is just goofy. It is not a normal approach to delay your cycle, and is likely to cause nausea, irregular bleeding, and other signs of hormonal imbalance. Talk to the person who prescribed your pills about more effective and safe approaches for delaying your period.

Do pregnancy signs continue after taking abortive pills?

Yes they do until the hormones have settled. The body thinks it gave birth and you can even lactate.

Can the birth control pill cause breast tenderness?

it could be because of the birth control pills because of all the hormones that the pills have it makes your body think that you are pregnant and at times it also gives you pregnancy like symptoms.i also had the same question but somebody also told me this. but if their are any other pregnanct symptoms than i suggest taking a hpt. just to be sure.AnswerHello - Birth Control Pills will cause you to have tender nipples or breasts and may also cause you to experience pregnancy like symptoms when your during the first 3 months of taking Birth Control. Because you are on Birth Control its very unlikely your pregnant.Yes and no. Did you have the pain before? Or has it only started since taking the pill? It is possible that the type of pill you are taking is the no agreeing with your body. Some women develop lumps in their breasts from the pill. So I would go back to the doctor and ask to try a different sort of pill. Not all pills are the same - there are ones that use different hormones and in different dosages. Absolutely yes! Birth control pills/patches are made up of hormones. You are getting extra Estrogen into your body and your breasts can become larger or hurt to the touch. Wear a bra at all times and if necessary, wear a bra to bed (no under-wire bras because that could hurt, but a slightly padded bra that gives you some support.)It is a possible side effect.Yes, many signs and symptoms of birth control pills are similar to pregnancy. Especially in the first few months of taking them.Yes it can. Birth Control Pills work by tricking your body into thinking it is actually pregnant, hence why you dont ovulate while on Birth Control Pills. The hormones contained in Birth Control Pills can cause a lot of women to experience pregnancy like symptoms and also nipple tenderness.let me feel and I'll tell you

If you bleed after not taking three birth control pills are you not pregnant?

The signs of pregnancy are a positive pregnancy test and lack of bleeding. If you think you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test. If you missed three pills use a back up method until you've taken seven pills correctly. Consider the morning after pill if you had sex in the last five days.

Is it normal to spot while taking birth control pill?

Spotting or any other signs of irregular bleeding can be a side effects of any hormonal birth controls. For most women, the body generally adjusts after a few cycles of the contraceptives.

You just stopped taking birth control took pregnancy test it was positive now bleeding like a normal period?

go to your doctor, some women can get there period while pregnant, but it can also be signs of misscarrage

If a girl has been taking birth control for 2 years and has sex unprotected but he does not ejaculate he just pre-ejaculate and are starting to get signs that you are pregnant can you be pregnant?

Almost all birth control only works 99% of the time.There's still that 1% chance,and as far as i know,pre-cum has sperm in it.But,if she's having pregnancy signs,how long since her last period,and if it's been about a month,then it's probably pms type symptoms.

You missed 2 birth control pills on your first week could you be pregnant?

It's a possibility she could be. She should take a test to be sure. I think it's referred to 'breakthrough bleeding' which is a common side effect of taking the birth control pill; especially when you first start taking the pill.

I am on yasmin birth control im having signs of pregnancy could i be pregnant?

The only way you can determine any form of pregnancy whether it be on any form of birth control or not is with a pregnancy test. Otherwise stop taking the pill and see if you have a period, if you do not have a period within a week or so take a pregnancy test. Any Birth control can also create symptoms similar to pregnancy, such as nausea, cramping or bloating. The best way to find out is with a HPT of visit your doctor.

Have had spotting for 7 days started on day 21?

Typically people say that you are suppose to have your period once you start your inactive pills. I have been on birth control pills for a half a year and mine has started on the 20/21 day- a couple days before the inactive kicked in. I would say that you started your period early. If you you are not taking your bc pills regularly or if you are new to bc pills that you are using, typically it takes your body a while to adjust. Watch for signs for the next couple of months and keep track of when you start. If it continues to be irregular and/or becomes a cause for concern, go to your doctor. Also, different birth controls have different effects on people. I had to switch the first one that I was on b/c I spotted almost every day whereas the one that I am on now is much better and I'm more regular.

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