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It is legal to mail Birth Control pills.

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Q: Can i post birth control pills by USPS?
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Can you send birth control pills from England to Greece via post?

No, you cannot send birth control pills from England to Greece via post. Generally speaking, prescription drugs cannot be sent internationally via private post.

What are the peach birth control pills for?

The color of the birth control pills varies from brand to brand. In some brands, the peach pills are the active pills, and in others, peach are the placebo pills. Contact your pharmacist for information specific to your brand, or post again with the name of the pill you're taking.

Is it healthy to take birth control at age 13?

Not that I would know of, taking birth control pills causes lighter periods and helps prevent pregnancy. So it's a win win...though I am not promoting sexual relations through this post!

Where can you buy a metered postcard?

At the USPS (post office)

Where or how do you receive USPS parcel in Ghana?

post office

Who delever packages sent by USPS in belgium?

Local Post Service (B-post)

Can you post pills by USPS?

Generally, yes. There are a number of mail-order pharmacies around the country. There are, however, some special restrictions for mail shipment of narcotic drugs like oxycodone or hydrocodone.

How long does USPS parcel post machine take?

how long does Usps letter to take to reach California from Maryland

Does USPS offer boxes for shipping?

Yes, USPS offers boxes. You can buy them online or in your local post office.

Will taking more than 1 birth control pill a day post pone your period?


What is full form of USPS Post?

United State Postal Service

What are magnesium supplements used for in alternative medicine?

Naturopaths generally recommend supplemental magnesium for people with high blood cholesterol , post-menopausal women, women taking birth control pills, diabetics, people who eat a lot of fast food

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