Where are sprint phones shipped from?

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Sprint is a United States telecommunications holding company. Its phones are shipped from Sprint's partners with shipping industry leaders namely UPS and Federal Express.

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Q: Where are sprint phones shipped from?
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What is sprint phones?

What "are" sprint phones? Sprint is a phone company like T-Mobile or AT&T the phones that they use have the sprint logo on them.

Do sprint phones to Verizon phones work well?

the cellular does, not the walkie talkie. The walkie talkie on a sprint phone only works with sprint-sprint or sprint-nextel.

Can sprint phones switch to metro?

Sprint phones can be switched to Metro PCS for $50.00

Where can one find new phones for Sprint?

New Sprint phones can be purchased at your local Sprint store or online at the official Sprint website. Alternatively, such phones can also be purchased online at Amazon.

Can sprint activate any CDMA phones?

Sprint will only activate Sprint phones. So, unless it is a Sprint phone, it doesn't matter anyway.

What sprint phones are available for purchase?

There are many sprint-based phones for sale in the U.S. and globally. Some brands of Sprint-based phones include the Sprint HTC EVO 3G, and Samsung Galaxy.

What is the price range for new Sprint phones?

Sprint phones have widely varying costs and can be as high as $450. Most phones are lower priced. Find out more about Sprint's newest phones at

DO all sprint stores carry sprint mobile phones?

Sprint stores will almost always be carrying sprint mobile phones. The best way to get an answer on that is to call the Sprint company and talk to them.

Where can one buy new Sprint phones?

One can purchase Sprint phones from the Sprint website. One can also purchase Sprint phones at department stores that carry mobile products, or cell phone kiosks.

Can you use an unlocked phone on sprint pcs cellular?

You cannot put an unlocked device on Sprint. You also cannot unlock a Sprint phone. I use the term "Sprint on Sprint only" meaning Sprint phones for sprint service, and no one else may use Sprint phones. **** Not true. You can unlock sprint phones and use them with other carriers.

Does Sprint carry Blackberry phones?

Sprint does carry BlackBerry phones. Some models of BlackBerry phones carried by sprint include the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and the BlackBerry Curve 9350.

What does sprint sell?


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