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Sprint sells many different brands of phones. They range from Nokia, to Samsung. They also have smart phones. Sprint carries phones for all kinds of users from the technologically advanced to the novice users.

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Q: What brand of phones does Sprint sell?
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What does sprint sell?


What brand name cell phones does Sprint offer?

Sprint offers various different brand name cell phones. The cell phones offered by Sprint include Apple iPhones, RIM's Blackberry, LG, Samsung, HTC as well as Motorola.

Does Sprint sell Virgin Mobile Phones?

They did but not inside of the stores, they no longer sell Virgin Mobile Phones inside of their Sprint Stores only sprint and Nextel another phone company that is good for businesses.

Are Sony phones better than sprint phones?

This is a matter of opinion. There are mixed reviews on both sony and sprint phones. Sony is traditionally a better brand than sprint. Both has excellent customer service.

Where can I find reviews for IPhones for Sprint?

You can find reviews for smart-phones for Sprint on either Sprint's official website or Best Buy's website for reviews because they also sell Sprint smart-phones.

Does Sprint carry Motorola Nextel phones?

Yes, sprint does carry Motorola Nextel phones. These phones are standard with many companies, and can be purchased just as any other brand of a phone.

Where can one find Sprint cell phones for sale?

There are a lot of places that have Sprint cell phones on sale, in fact Sprint's own stores often do. Otherwise there are sites such as Amazon or Ebay which frequently sell discounted phones.

What types of refurbished phone does Sprint have?

Sprint has all kinds of refurbished phones including blackberries, iphones and android phones. You can get better value with refurbished phones which perform just as well as a brand new phone.

What is sprint phones?

What "are" sprint phones? Sprint is a phone company like T-Mobile or AT&T the phones that they use have the sprint logo on them.

What do they sell in Sprint stores?

Sprint stores sell phones and accessories and offer their own phone network coverage. They also sell GPS navigation systems, music downloads and offer repair services.

What cellular companies sell cell phones?

Cellular companies that sell cell phones are AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Since the introduction of cell phones the number of cellular companies that carry the smartphone has increased.

Does sprint mobile sell used cell phones and accesories?

While Sprint Mobile itself does not generally sell preowned versions of its own product, there are sites on the web which do. They include ebay,, and

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