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Sprint phones can be switched to Metro PCS for $50.00

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Q: Can sprint phones switch to metro?
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Can Sprint phones work with Metro PCS?

Metro pcs will only allow their own phones to be used. Even if you have an existing account, and want to switch phones or upgrade, you have to buy one of their phones.

How much is it to flash a phone to metro?

Sprint phones can be switched to Metro PCS for $50.00

Are metro phones good?

yes they are wonderful phones but with at&t,verison and sprint you get minutes

How much does it cost to switch your phone service from sprint to metro pcs?

how much does it cost to switch your phone service from sprint to metro pcs

Can metro pcs switch your blackberry from ATT to their service?

no they do not take any phones from at&t. and they also don't switch any blackberries no matter if its Verizon or sprint...they r still working on that

Can verizone phones switch to metro?

maybe its possible

What Verizon phones are compatible to switch to metro pcs service?

No sabe

Can you transfer a T-mobile phones to a Metro PCS phones?

No, you cannot transfer (or in metro pcs case "flash") a t mobile phone. You can only transfer special phones. In which they are called CDMA phones. these phones do not run on a external sim card. They have a internal sim card inside them. You can use Sprint, Verizon, and Metro pcs phones only. All you do is buy a no contract Sprint or Verizon phone, go to metro and flash the phone. this process takes a little while and a bit pricey it is 40 dollars. Well, in California its 40. you can get these phones from dealers, friends, and i got my samsung instinct which i use with metro pcs from e bay.

Can unlocked phones work with virgin mobile?

No it will not but you can try Metro PCS for carriers like Verizon, Att, and sprint.

What other networks other than Verizon can you use their phones on?

Sprint, T Mobile, Metro PCS, and AT&T

Can You Switch A Droid Verizon Phone To At?

no. verizon and at&t phones are not compatible. verizon and sprint phones are locked into their respective carriers.

What is sprint phones?

What "are" sprint phones? Sprint is a phone company like T-Mobile or AT&T the phones that they use have the sprint logo on them.

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