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Q: When you are not pregnant because you are still a virgin what is the reason for not having your period?
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Can you do a Urine test while you are having period?

There is no reason why you can not do a urine test while you are on your period, but the issue is there should be no reason for you to need to do a urine test if you are having a period. If you are having a period, it is highly unlikely that you would be pregnant.

Which are the causes for missing a menstruation?

Generally, not ovulating is the reason for not having a period. The most common cause of not having a period is pregnancy. If you're not pregnant, and not having your period, you need to see the doctor to figure out why you're not ovulating.

Is there less of a chance getting pregnant when on your period?

no there is no reason why you can't get pregnant when you are in your period's as there is when you don't.

What are all the reasons you wouldn't get your period?

One reason a person may not get their period is because they are pregnant. Stress is another reason why someone might not get their period. Being over weight or underweight could also be a reason.

Why doesn't your girlfriend have her period?

Because she is pregnant. That is the main reason why.

Can a girl get pregnant if she does not come on her period?

If you have never had a period in your life, you cannot get pregnant. Yes you can get pregnant even if you have not ever had a period. The reason is it could be the first time you have ovulated and then your first period would have come.

What if your period comes on and you is pregnant but you did'nt know you was pregnant what will happen?

Firstly I will say: I'm a guy but I will try to reassure you with the knowledge i know. if a female is pregnant she will not have here period (from what I know) and i have never heard of a case were a female would have her period when she is pregnant, the reason for this is because it is a common sign to check if you are pregnant. so my answer for you would be : that wouldn't happen

If you have late period for three days and you spot dry discharge are you pregnant?

Probably not pregnant. You just had a short period, for whatever reason.

If a girl is pregnant will she get her period?

No. The reason girls get periods is because when the eggs in there body aren't fertilized they leave the body with blood. But when a woman is pregnant it means the eggs have been fertilized.

How come girls bleed once a month?

Okay, The reason being because, Girls have eggs, And when sperm finds these eggs we become pregnant. But if we dont use these eggs. We have to get rid of them. We do this by having a 5-7 day period a month.

How long should i wait to test after i stop bleeding?

If you are having a period most likely you are not pregnant, so don't waste your money on a test. IF for some reason you don't have a period next month, then take the test.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if your period is four days early?

NO. Your own personal cycle is adjusting itself. With all the stresses we live with ( this can make our periods late or early ) and shorter months August with 31 and March with, that is reason enough to cause you to be early. The most important reason I do not think you are pregnant is because; if you are experiencing your period chances are because you are NOT PREGNANT

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