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During a 25-26 day cycle ovulation would likely occur around day 11 of the cycle - however unless using something like fertility awareness method you would not be able to aqccurately determine when you ovulate or when you're fertile.

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Q: When do you ovulate if you have a 25-26 day cycle?
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Can you ovulate during a prolonged period?

Most women ovulate between day 12 and day 18 of their cycle.

When do you ovulate on 25 day cycle?

On day 10 or 11 usually

How soon does a girl ovulate after her period?

on day 14 of your cycle

What days of their cycle do women ovulate?

Most women ovulate between day 10 and day 18 - earlier and later can still be normal.

If your menstrual cycle is 36 days when do you ovulate?

About day 22, my cycle was this long and that was exatly when I conceived.

Is the egg released on the fourteen day from the day your period started?

When you ovulate depends on your own menstrual cycle and it can change from one cycle to the next - you can sometimes tell when you are ovulating with testing kits but monitoring your cycle with fertility awareness method is the best way to determine when you ovulate. During a typical 28 day cycle a woman will ovulate 14 days BEFORE menstruation, which would also be 14 days into the menstrual cycle (the first day of your period is day one of your menstrual cycle).

Is it possible to get pregnant during periods?

Technically no, but it depends on when you ovulate - sperm can last in the uterus for up to 5 days, and if you ovulate very early in your cycle, then it is technically possible to fall pregnant. But highly unlikely. Average cycle is 28 days long, the first day of your period is the first day of your cycle, so if your period is 5 days long and you have sex on the last day of you period, the sperm can live until day 12 of your cycle. Most women with a 28-day cycle will ovulate on day 14 of their cycle, so you can see how it could be possible to fall pregnant during your period. You usually ovulate 14 days before the start of your new period.

What occurs on about 14th day of the menstrual cycle?

Around the 14th day of the typical menstrual cycle is when a person is likely to ovulate. Everyone has different cycles however so some people may ovulate at different times than this.

Can you still ovulate if you only have a 3 day period?

An irregular cycle can be a signal of no ovulation, but genarally speaking, you ovulate every time you have a period.

What if your period is a 29- day cycle when is the conception time?

You ovulate 14 days before your period starts. Therefore you ovulate on approximately Day 15 (remembering that Day 1 is the first day of your period).

During a 40-day cycle do women ovulate on day 14 if it was regular?

Normally you get your period 14 days after you ovulate, so ovulation takes place around day 26 of a 40 day cycle. 14 days is the average and it could range from 12-16 days.

Can you get pregnant the day after the end of your menstrual cycle?

You can get pregnant any day of your cycle. You don't know for certain when you will ovulate and sperm can live for days in the uterus after sex.