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About day 22, my cycle was this long and that was exatly when I conceived.

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Q: If your menstrual cycle is 36 days when do you ovulate?
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How many days between the last day of your period and the first day of next cycle?

The first day of your period is day one, then the days after are day two, day three, etc. You will ovulate sometime around day 12-17. Your menstrual cycle will begin again around days24-36 and then as soon as it starts you are back to day one and the process starts over.

Is it normal to have a 36 day menstrual cycle?

No you need to see your doctor.

Could it be implantation cramps yesterday and today if today is Apr 4 and sex was on Mar 24 27 30 and Apr 2 your cycle was on Mar 12 or is it more likely to you menstrual cramps?

Probably too late...Hi! You probably already know by now if you are pregnant. But if you are still trying here are some tips for you. Ovulation occurs approximately 14 days before your period starts - so you really need to know how long your normal cycle is. If you have a 28 day cycle, you will usually ovulate on day 14. With a 36 day cycle, ovulation will occur at day 22. The best time for intercourse is 24 hours before ovulation.Implantation cramps would usually occur about 10 days later - so about 3 or 4 days before your period is due. Therefore from your dates I really can't be sure. If you usually have a short cycle (24 days) it is most probably menstrual cramps. For a 28 day cycle, you could be on track for pregnancy!I hope all is well for you and good luck!

Your doctor says that an us is more accurate than lmp because a lot of woman don't remember their lmp and that you could ovulate at different times how true is this?

Women have cycles that are not all the same length but most women ovulate 14 days before a period is due. That is what makes the difference. At 7 weeks ultrasounds are accurate to within 3 days. At 20 weeks they are accurate within 5 days When I had my first pregnancy my cycle was 36 days which would mean my EDD would be 8 days early if my LMP was used, my US agreed with my cycle not my LMP. When I had my second pregnancy my cycle was 28 days and my ultrasound agreed with my LMP. So you are saying that the ultrasound is more accurate? Yes, the ultrasound is more accurate. I did go round the houses a bit to say it.

Who has the shortest life cycle?

pygmy goby (vertebrate(fish))(59 days) flies 34 - 36 days

What does it mean when youre 36 days late?

36 days is not "late". 36 days is "absent".

What could cause your cycle to become consistanly longer 28 days then 30 days then 32 all the way up to 36?

Some types of contraception, such as some types of pill or the contraceptive injection can irregulate the menstrual cycle up for up to a year.If you have just had a baby, it takes up to two years for your body to get back to normal, this includes your cycle! Other factors may include STIs, fibroids, Ovarian cysts, endometriosis,(this is fibroids in the lining of the womb), or even medication. but as with all medical matters, I do think the advice of a doctor would be best recommended.

How many months is in 1090 days?

1090 days = 36 months, approx.1090 days = 36 months, approx.1090 days = 36 months, approx.1090 days = 36 months, approx.

You have just recently lost a baby at 36 weeks and now you are going on 6 weeks with no period and after your last priond a week later you started to spot for about 2 days but the test said no am i?

The hormones are still all messed up from your pregnancy, and you have not begun a normal cycle yet. To become pregnant again, you would have to ovulate first. But with out a normal cycle established, it's hard to tell if you are ovulating or not. Mostlikely not yet. Just give it some time.

How many days are in 36 years?

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