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rich famous and to have a limio

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Q: What would you wish for if you had 3 wishes?
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If you were granted 3 wishes what would you wish for?

My Hogwarts acceptance letter, a pet unicorn, and a sandwich.

To whom do wish fairies grant wishes to?

They grant wishes that are not selfish. For example; I wish my mum would get better, Your mum may get better. But if you wish for something like: I wish I was rich! They would not grant it.

If you had one wish what would you wish for?

I would wish to find that one and only dream guy.

How would you describe the monkeys paw?

The monkeys paw is a talisman and it 3 people 3 wishes and the 3nd wish is always for death.

I rubbed a genie's lamp and have three wishes what should i wish for?

first: i would wish for riches second:being immortalthird:three more wishes

Can you wish 4 wishes on a four leaf clover?

No, You would be lucky, but not make wishes...

What is the correct grammar for our family wishes you or our family wish you?

The family wish you or the family wishes you

How do you grant a wish?

find a Jeanie get 3 wishes last wish ask for more

What is Simple present tense of wish?

wish or wishes I wish for a long life She wishes for money

How do you a grant?

find a Jeanie get 3 wishes last wish ask for more

What is the plural of wishes?

Wishes is the plural. The singular form is wish.

What would you wish for?

well if i had 3 wishes (like i had found a gene) i would wish for: 1. to win the lottery 2. to be successful in future 3. for all of my friends to be successful too! :) if i had 1 wish (like i folded 1 thousand paper cranes) i'd wish for: .... well I'm not sure, either 1 or 2.... x)