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The balls were never officially tested in dbz, or GT, but there was talk of 3 wishes before the first voyage to Namek to revive Kami.

There is no proven answer, but a rumor going around on earth at the time was 3, so that's a strong number to guess.

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Q: How many wishes could the namek dragon grant in dragon ball z?
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What are the three wishes on plant namek in Dragon Ball Z?

The original wish was to revive Tenshinhan, Yamcha Chaotzu and Piccolo, but the dragon said, only one can be revived at a time. So (1) they revived Piccolo, then (2) they transported him to planet namek. At that point Vegete arrived and ordered them to grant him immortality to defeat freeza, but by the time they could tell the wish (they had to translate it by the small namekian) the Elder Guru died and all the dragonballt turned to stone, just like when Shenlong died in the early series

How do you summon planet namek's shenron in dragon ball raging blast 2?

Get the Dragon Ball's and summon Earth's Shenron four times and get the Dragon Ball's again and then you summon Namek's Shenron.

Is Shenron nicer than Porunga?

Originaly shenron was stroger during the namek saga up to the cell saga, but if anyone can remember during the buu saga kabito kai and old kai went to namek to wish for goku's strength to be restored so his spirit bomb could destroy kid buu. While on namek the new grand elder stated that the reason the namekian dragon balls could only bring back one person at a time because the namekians didnt believe in returning people to life, but after the threat of frieza was over once and for all, they remodeled the dragon balls so they can bring back as many people as they want with only one wish, and total, porunga can grant 3. Sure Dende made it so earths dragon balls could grant 2 wishes in one summoning but 3 is still more than 2 therefore porunga is more powerful. However overall black star shenron overtakes all. He can grant any one wish, no matter what the power. I would just wish for more wishes every summoning. Therefore porunga is better than shenron and black star shenron is better than porunga.

Can you get three wishes instead of one in dragon ball z budokai tekaichi 2?

Yes, you can get 3 wishes instead of 1. step1. obtain all the dragonballs and instead of going to shenron on earth, go to planet namek and then go to porunga and you will get 3 wishes instead of 1 wish.

How did goku come back alive if the new dragon can bring back some that die one time and goku die many times?

They revived Goku with Shenron but then when he died again he couldn't be revived by him again, so they moved Namek to revive the others who also couldn't be revived by Shenron. In Namek there was a dragon called Porunga and he could revive anyone regardless of how many times they had died, plus it gave 3 wishes instead of the normal 1.

Where can you play Play Dragon Ball Z Mission to Namek?

You can play Dragon Ball Z Mission to Namek at the sites, or minigamers. You can also play this game at 2flashgames.

What are the release dates for Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Namek's Destruction 3-30?

Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Namek's Destruction 3-30 was released on: USA: 20 October 1999

How do you get goku back?

Easy just bring him to life with the dragon balls, Second time Namek dragon balls!

When does goku leave namek in Dragon Ball Z Kai?

After beating Frieza.

What are the release dates for Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Piccolo the Super-Namek 3-13?

Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Piccolo the Super-Namek 3-13 was released on: USA: 27 September 1999

What are the release dates for Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Face-Off on Namek 2-7?

Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Face-Off on Namek 2-7 was released on: USA: 3 October 1997

How does goku come back to life the second time?

Wish on namek dragon balls