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You get them from bonus gift boxes, wheel of wishes, wish darts, and webkinz cares. that's at least where i know them from

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Q: How do you get the coins for the wish factory in webkinz?
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How do you put coins in the wish machine in webkinz world?

go to wish factory. take coin out of your dock. drop it on the wish machine.

Where do you get the time machine and what does it do on webkinz?

you can get it by wishing at the Wish Factory or by using wish tokens

How do you get a exlosive item on webkinz?

You can go on the wishing well or the wish factory.

Where is the Webkinz factory located?

Cheektowaga, New York, which is in the suburbs of Buffalo.go on things to do then you will find wish factory on the bottom

What do you do with the wish tokens on webkinz?

You can take them to the wish factory, put them into the wish machine, and once you have collected so many tokens, you can trade them in for a prize!

What do you have to do to unlock the wish factory on webkinz?

You have to be a member. If you are a member right now then you have to buy it from the Ganz store.

How are Webkinz manufactured?

in a factory obviosly a webkinz factory

How do you use wish tokens webkinz?

how to use wish tokens on webkinz

How do you get coins in webkinz?

in Webkinz, to earn coins you go to the arcade and play games! its an easy and fun way to earn coins!

How do you put your webkinz tokens in the wish factory?

All you do is drag the token from your dock and put it in the slot underneath the token arrow, or put it on the arrow.

What Webkinz comes with a wish token?

None of the Webkinz pets come with a wish token when you first enter your pet into the Webkinz world.

How do you get free tokens on Webkinz?

Well an 1000 kinzcash tokens are found in bonus boxes. Wish tokens are given out in radom gifts and letters. you can also get them on your birthday and Christmas and even webkinz days or sometimes as gifts from freinds if you wnat more info go to webkinz and click bulletinz board and click tokens for wish factory