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they would be punished harshly as whipped or death if severe.

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Q: What would happen to a slave that would disobeyed?
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Was there any order Jabba gave Slave Leia which she disobeyed?

I seriously doubt it. Remember when Oola disobeyed, her punishment was being eaten up by the rancor. So if Leia disobeyed, she would have been dead.

What would happen if you disobeyed Athena the Greek god?

The Greek goddess Athena would be wrathful.

What would happen if African Americans disobeyed the rules?

They would whip them and hang them upside down.

What would happen if you disobeyed the ancient Mayan king?

He would have you exiled or killed, depending on his whim.

Did Hispanics have rights when slaves were around?

yes thay could be slave owners but if they disobeyed the law they would get wiped

What would happen if a slave had a child?

It would be property of the slave's owner.

What would happen if an Aztec boy disobeyed their father?

the Aztecs did not really care about who was their son and who was their daughter but on the other hand if someone disobeyed the emperor they would be sacrificed with no question! CRAZY! Right?

What happen to the ancient greek people if they disobeyed this god hera?

they where punished. if it was Zeus, he would spear them with his thunder bolt.

What did God say would happen to Israel and Judah for their disobedient?

They would be taken away as slaves if they still disobeyed him. They were taken as slaves to Babylon.

What would happen to a naughty slave?

They would be whipped and beaten terrably.

Under the fugitive slave act what would happen to a citizen who helped a runaway slave?

Under the Fugitive Slave Act, people could be imprisoned for helping a runaway slave. The act was passed in 1850.

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