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They were whipped and beaten.

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Q: What will happen if a slave breaks the law?
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What happen if someone breaks a law?

Verbal warninga written warninga ticketarrestedfinedconvictedprobationjailprisonparole

What are the consequences for a organisation breaking laws and codes?

what would happen if aorganistion breaks the law codes

Can anything happen to a police officer if there child breaks the law?

No, not anything more than would happen to the non-police parent of a delinquent.

When was fugitive slave law passed?

the first fugitive slave law was passed in 1793.

What U'S government penalty for an immigrant who breaks the law?

The penalty for an immigrant who breaks the law is deportation.

Did the Jews have breaks in slave labors during the holocaust?


What is the main poit of the short story the ingrate?

It's about a slave who escapes and later becomes an officer in the Union army because his owner breaks the law and teaches him to read and write

When did Slave Zero happen?

Slave Zero happened in 1999.

What was Henry clays role in the fugitive slave law?

Henry Clay's role in the Fugitive Slave Law was to renew the countries slave attitude.

How long did the fugitive slave law last?

The fugitive slave law lasted until 1765 to 1776.

What will happen if neutral breaks?

If a neutral breaks the load will cease to operate.

What is the fugitive slave law?

The fugitive slave law required all Americans to turn over any fugitive slave found to law enforcement so they would be sent back to their owners.